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Diagnostic Healthcare is an established NHS partner working across both primary and secondary care sectors, supporting NHS Trusts with imaging, reporting and staffing capacity, specialising in MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray, CBCT (Cone Beam CT – dental scans) and DEXA.

As an end-to-end provider in primary care, we also understand the requirements and demands of a secondary care service. We have a proven track record in delivering imaging services to local Trusts in support of their capacity requirements. Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) are a key part of every Integrated Care System (ICS) bringing care closer to home.

We deliver services with full integration to NHS systems via mobile and modular solutions as well as static self-build community hubs and trust locations across all modalities including interim, Managed Equipment Services (MES) and staffed Managed Service contracts. Our services can be both insourced or outsourced to add value as appropriate.

How can Diagnostic Healthcare support an trust?

Diagnostic Healthcare can support a trust to deliver its key requirements by providing:

  • Additional capacity across all modalities
  • High image quality including protocol optimisation and application service
  • Core team of qualified and experienced clinical staff with a local lead
  • Seamless integration into the hospital RIS and PACS
  • Cost-effective service and increased throughput
  • Latest technology
  • Training and audit programme
  • Robust clinical governance
  • Vendor neutral – offering a range of main OEM scanners

How can a trust commission the services of Diagnostic Healthcare?

Diagnostic Healthcare can be commissioned by direct award via multiple NHS accredited frameworks. To access the appropriate framework and for further information.

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