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Diagnostic Healthcare is an established NHS partner working across both primary and secondary care sectors. We support NHS Trusts with imaging, reporting and staffing capacity, specialising in MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray, CBCT (Cone Beam CT- Dental scans) and DEXA/DXA.

As an end-to-end provider in primary care, we also understand the requirements and demands of a secondary care service. We have a proven track record in delivering imaging services to local Trusts in support of their capacity requirements. Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) are a key part of every Integrated Care System (ICS) bringing care closer to home.

We deliver services with full integration to NHS systems via mobile and modular solutions as well as static self-build community hubs and Trust locations across all modalities. Services can be provided via multiple frameworks including Managed Equipment Services (MES) and staffed Managed Service Contracts. Our services can be both insourced or outsourced to add value as appropriate.

Key Driver for Change

In 2020, Professor Sir Mike Richards undertook a review of NHS diagnostics capacity (NHS Long Term Plan). The independent report, ‘Diagnostics: Recovery and Renewal’, recommends the need for a new diagnostics model, where more facilities are created in free standing locations away from main hospital sites. These sites to include the high street and in retail locations, providing quicker and easier access to tests to a range of tests on the same day. Thereby supporting earlier diagnosis, greater convenience to patients and the drive to reduce health inequalities.

The report highlighted a suite of recommendations across five main areas
New Service Delivery Models
Equipment and Facilities
Digitisation and Connectivity
Delivering the change

How can Diagnostic Healthcare support a CDC?

Diagnostic Healthcare has been operating community diagnostic clinics for over 10 years, establishing four independent community hubs for the referral of both primary and secondary care patients. This has resulted in early CDC adopters working with us to deliver different elements of the service. The benefits to the ICS being:

  • Additional diagnostic service capacity in the system
  • Reduction in patient waiting times
  • Patient choice of appointments
  • Reduction in secondary care requests
  • Services closer to home
  • Fully integrated IT system connected directly to the NHS Spine offering directly bookable services on e-RS, achieving a fully managed referral pathway from referral to discharge
Diagnostic Healthcare can support a Trust to deliver its key requirements by providing


Track record of ‘design and build’ CDCs to suit operational and commercial requirements for each ICS. A partnership with ‘design and build’ healthcare specialists provides full ‘turnkey’ solutions.


Supporting the expansion of the imaging workforce by upskilling hospital staff and supporting productivity improvement. We work closely with Trusts, offering wide opportunities for our staff to be rotated between different modalities and departments which creates a strong partnership and increases standards of service delivery which can be partially or fully staffed.


As an equipment vendor-neutral company, we can offer a range of equipment manufacturers and models to align with specific requirements. This will be offered as static (on site), modular or mobile solutions to suit.

IT Infrastructure

Advanced, centralised IT and compliance systems to monitor quality. We ensure full integration to both the Trusts’ RIS and PACS or, in primary care, directly to the NHS Spine offering directly bookable services on the NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS), achieving a fully managed referral pathway.

Access to capital

Unconstrained by NHS restrictions, we have access to capital investment to support the demand for imaging services across the ICS.

Pathway re-designs

Full responsibility for the entire primary care pathway, from referral to discharge. This can be further incorporated with secondary care providing a fully integrated pathway for all parties.

Clinical governance

Robust clinical governance supporting both operational and commercial efficiencies in the system.

Strategic planning

A management system to support demand and capacity, whilst identifying the mitigating ICS pressures. This is often prevalent in planning the variations between inner city settings and rural settings.

Rapid mobilisation starting with a mobile scanner or staffing to the development of a full CDC specification.

Adding value and reducing risk to the NHS is fundamental to our approach to the CDC programme.

Options available to enable ICS partners to deliver a CDC within a short timeframe
1. End to end provider with integration on Diagnostic Healthcare estate
2. Managed service on NHS estates
3. Phased or requirement approach
4. Modular/mobile service

How can an ICS partner commission the services of Diagnostic Healthcare?

Diagnostic Healthcare can be commissioned by direct award via multiple NHS accredited frameworks. To access the appropriate framework or for further information:

Please contact [email protected]
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