Menopause Doctor in Manchester

Summerhill Health is a private menopause clinic based at Diagnostic Healthcare in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

The clinic is provided by Dr Natalie Summerhill, a GP with a dedicated interest in menopause. She is passionate about improving women’s understanding of the menopause and providing access to accurate evidence based medical information to support the decision making for maximising long-term health. Natalie is determined to help women regain a sense of confidence and control during this phase of their lives and beyond.

At your initial consultation Dr Summerhill will gather a full assessment of your medical history and lifestyle along with carrying out a basic physical examination before discussing in detail your specific issues and objectives. She will agree a personalised care plan with you including any recommendations for treatment.

At any follow up consultation she will conduct a review of your personalised care plan, including an assessment of how any prescribed treatments are working. Any changes to treatments will be discussed and agreed with you. In some circumstances it may not be necessary to attend a follow up consultation with Dr Summerhill, who, with your consent, will liaise with and request your GP to conduct your review.

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