Secondary Care Services

Medical personnelDiagnostic Healthcare provides flexible short, medium and long term solutions for busy Trusts and Radiology departments across the country. Whether you require a complete managed service including the supply of equipment, staff and reporting service or simply have a short term staffing issue and require locum cover – we can help.

Mobile MRI/CT and Ultrasound units can quickly provide valuable additional capacity and stability on a temporary, short-term or long term basis.

  • Mobile sites
  • Fixed sites
    • Interim
    • Fully-managed
  • MRI extra capacity work
  • NHS training

Mobile Services

If you need to increase capacity and don’t want to invest in new equipment or don’t have enough volume to justify investment in additional equipment, mobile MRI or CT provision can provide an immediate solution to help you meet demands and control the budget.

Medical personnelDiagnostic Healthcare has a fleet of MRI and CT scanners which all use the latest technology and software and are designed to connect to your local RIS and PACS systems providing your department with additional capacity. Our mobile units are manned by experienced staff and we can provide an ongoing service to the Trust. We can also train and support your own staff to use the mobile unit. A partnership of this type where staffing is shared can present an opportunity to reduce your costs.

The benefits of mobile services:

  • Increasing hospital capacity without any increased financial risk.
  • Flexible service for regular or ad hoc days
  • Availability of the service for short and long term periods
    • Wide range of examinations
    • Efficiency and increased capacity – up to 30 patients per day
    • Consistent Clinical performance and auditing
    • Full machine maintenance and service contract
    • Full connectivity to hospital RIC and PACS system

No Trust responsibility for managing or operating the mobile MRI service.

Fixed Site Managed Services

Frequently, when there is a need for additional space and capacity, the funding required for the capital investment in equipment and experienced staff is not always available or the timescale needed to implement the new service is prohibitive.

Our solution is a business model which provides the hospital with additional services including MRI, CT and any other imaging modality to be purchased, installed and operated within the hospital department without the need for capital outlay or any of the risk that is involved in such a project.

The project is supported by an experienced team and Project Manager who will work closely with the hospital to plan and implement the project within an agreed timescale.


  • Project management
  • Design, Construction and Installation
  • Experienced medical team of Radiographers/Sonographers and Radiologists.
  • Experienced administration support including call centre support.
  • Flexibility of service
  • Wide range of scans including advanced scans
  • Efficiency of service and high throughput
  • Consistent Clinical performance and auditing
  • IT support and archive system (PACS)
  • Full Maintenance and service contract

Payment per scan (No substantial financial investment and no risk)

Modular Buildings and Relocatable Units

Finding additional space within hospital departments for more services can be very challenging and expensive but our Modular Buildings can provide an effective solution which minimises the disruption to the main department. The modular units are designed to offer a quick, flexible solution and can be installed without any closure or shut down of the current services – if space and architecture permit, they can be connected to an existing walkway, corridor or integrated into the existing building and department.  We have the expertise to manage the project from planning through to implementation and delivery of the service to provide a turnkey solution without financial or operational risk.

Our adaptable service models allow us to provide the above solutions with the following benefits:

  • Fixed pricing to help with budget planning
  • No capital outlay or financial risk
  • No maintenance contract required
  • Regular cohort of qualified and experienced staff.
  • On-site training for your staff
  • Clinical Audit Services
  • KPI reports
  • Staffing only solutions
  • Project Management
  • Flexible days and times including out of hours service
  • IT connectivity for a seamless service

Performance of all contracts is reviewed regularly against Key Performance Indicators to continually improve and adapt the services.


Contact us to discuss your needs or ideas. By creating a working partnership we can explore innovative, creative and flexible solutions to deliver first class diagnostics that are clinically dependable and cost effective.


Diagnostic Healthcare are on two managed service frameworks:

North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (Framework) Healthtrust Europe

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