Referral Process

How we deliver – the Patient Pathway

  • Triage and appointment  Every referral is checked using clinically robust guidelines to ensure that the information provided supports the request and that patients are given an appointment for the correct scan. Accuracy at this point in the pathway is paramount so we support clinicians and surgeries with clinical advice to help with the referral process, our help line on 0161 929 5679 is open daily. Appointments are made the same day with waiting times dictated by the level of urgency and individual contract demands.
  • Locations and Choice Multiple community locations offer patient choice and convenience. In most areas where we are accredited NHS providers under the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) contracts, you and your patients will have a choice of clinic locations and appointment times available across the patch.  We are always looking for new sites and can discuss holding ultrasound clinics in your surgery, offering added convenience for your patients and a source of income for the practice.  Contact our head office for more details: 0161 929 5679.
  • Access Our services and clinics are listed and available on the new e-referral system (Choose and Book). Access to our services for you and your patients is very simple. When required we can also accept referrals by fax, telephone, letter or NHS email.
  • A fast turnaround  For an ultrasound scan: most patients can expect to be seen within 10 working days of referral for non-urgent cases and within 3 working days for urgent cases. Reports are available the same day if needed and always dispatched within less than 24 hours of the scan being completed.  The service is led by Consultant Radiologists who support the service and second report any cases with serious or unusual pathology. For an MRI/CT scan: All scans are reported by Consultant Radiologists with reports available within 5 working days; urgent cases are reported within 24 hours. If onward referral is required, all images and reports can be made available to secondary care via the Image exchange Portal (IEP).

AQP Direct Access – The Referral Process

Ultrasound scanUsing our services is easy and straightforward, if we are an approved provider in your area our clinics will be listed on e-referral (Choose and Book) and patients can be referred and booked directly. Alternatively you may prefer to send faxed referrals in which case we will contact the patient and make the appointment with them. Fax number: 0161 941 6486

Every patient will have their appointment confirmed by letter which clearly states date and time of the appointment plus any preparation needed for the examination. The letter also has contact details for our dedicated Patient Services Support Team who will help with any queries your patient has about the appointment, the helpline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Once your patient has attended their appointment, we will deliver the completed report to you within 24 hours however, in cases where serious pathology is reported and urgent onward referral is needed we will ensure you receive the report the same day.

If you have never used e-referral before visit the HSCIC website for more information about how to get started. We provide MRI and Ultrasound examinations that are included in the current AQP contracts.

Contact us

If you need help or advice please contact Mr L Hofton on 0161 929 5679 or email