Patient Information

History/About Us

Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd was established in 2004 to provide medical diagnostic services including MRI scans, Ultrasound scans, Bone density and X-ray scans to both the NHS and private patients.

MRI ScannerServices for private patients are incorporated within the business model and appointments are provided at both static and mobile units for self-pay and insured patients at affordable prices.

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As a contracted NHS provider we deliver over 140,000 scan appointments every year across most of England and the number increases year on year.  The services and care we provide is audited to ensure the required standard is maintained for accreditation with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and ISO 9001 quality standards so you, the patient can be confident that the care you get is always first class.

Patient access to information

Diagnostic Healthcare complies with the NHS Accessible Information Standard.

The Standard says that patients, service users, carers and parents with a disability, impairment or sensory loss should:

  • Be able to contact, and be contacted by, services in accessible ways, for example via email or text message.
  • Receive information and correspondence in formats they can read and understand, for example in audio, braille, easy read or large print.
  • Be supported by a communication professional at appointments if this is needed to support conversation, for example a British Sign Language interpreter.
  • Get support from health and care staff and organisations to communicate, for example to lip-read or use a hearing aid.

If you require any adjustments please contact our patient services team on 0161 929 5679 and let us know the support you require.

NHS Patients

If you are an NHS patient, you must be referred by your clinician/GP practice regardless of the type of examination required.  Your clinician/GP practice may have the option to refer you to a number of providers within the area you live, these may be the local hospital and other private providers like us.  All service providers publish the available appointments onto the ‘e-referral’ system that your GP can view on the surgery computer, he may do this during your consultation and book a suitable day/time there and then or it can be done retrospectively.

Once your appointment is made we will send a letter to confirm the date, time and any preparation required for the scan.

Changing your appointment:  We understand that circumstances change and you may have to alter your appointment time or date.  To do this simply call our Patient Services Team on 0161 929 5679 and we will be happy to help.  If for any reason you can’t attend your appointment please let us know so it can be given to someone else and keep waiting lists down.

Private Patients

Most examinations are available to patients who choose to pay privately. In many cases you can arrange the appointment without a referral from your doctor although this is advisable because of the clinical information it contains – all MRI and DEXA appointments do require a referral.

For more information about our private services please click on the links below or call our friendly Customer Services team on 0161 929 5679 who will be happy to help with any queries you have.

“Our services are driven by the needs of our patients and the demands of the clinicians who refer them. We understand the expectations that patients and clinicians have and the need for us to deliver a service that is efficient, cost effective and provides dependable clinical information.  We are committed to achieving this.” L Karni CEO.

Service and Quality

Our Vision

‘To provide first class diagnostic imaging that exceeds our service commitments and customer expectations. To put the patient first, to understand the benefits our efforts make to patients’ lives and the responsibility we have to their care and recovery.  To provide the resources to support every member of our team to provide healthcare that makes a difference.”  L Karni, CEO

Diagnostic Healthcare is an established NHS partner providing direct access diagnostic imaging with extensive experience of delivering a variety of services to NHS Trust Hospitals and local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Under the NHS direct access contracts, we have established over 90 community clinics with over 140,000 patients appointments made each year.

The Service you can expect

From receipt of your referral from your doctor, through your appointment to delivery of the final report we aim to provide you with the very best in clinical care. Meeting contractual targets for patient waiting times and report delivery is achieved through the use of innovative IT and clinical technology to support a motivated and multi-skilled clinical team. Multiple locations in every area give you greater choice, easier access to a clinic and reduce your waiting time.

The Patient Pathway

Satisfactory outcomes for your care and treatment depend on the effective delivery of all services you may need on the journey from initial GP contact to final treatment and discharge.  Diagnostics are often highlighted as a bottleneck in the patient pathways because the speed of clinical investigation and clinical decision making depends upon diagnostic services. The diagnostic services we provide may only serve one part of the pathway but we recognise how important it is to make this step as quick as possible whilst providing accurate and dependable clinical information

The standards you can expect

Triage and appointment. Your referral is triaged to confirm accuracy of data sets required and to ensure the correct scan is booked for you.  Appointment dates are made the same day and confirmed by letter. In most cases, you also receive a reminder by text message. To change your appointment please call our Patient Services Team on 0161 929 5679

  • Locations and Choice. Multiple community locations offer you choice and convenience.
  • A fast turnaround.  You can expect to be seen within 10 working days for non-urgent cases and within 3 working days for urgent cases.
  • Reports. The report will be sent to your doctor within 24 hours following your scan.
  • Healthcare professionals. Our teams are highly motivated and experienced healthcare professionals registered with the relevant professional bodies.  They will look after you with dignity and respect.
  • Technology.  We use modern information systems and equipment which is regularly updated and calibrated to industry standards.
  • Compliance. All staff members undergo regular clinical audit and training to ensure the highest standards are maintained. We are NHS IGSoC compliant and ISO 14001 (environmental) and 9001 (quality) accredited.

The face of healthcare changes constantly and an increasing population puts huge pressures on the NHS to continue delivering services that are accessible, embrace modern technology, techniques, medicines and remain ‘free’ to you the patient at the point of use.  Partnerships with private providers like Diagnostic Healthcare have helped the NHS achieve these targets and change the way many services are now delivered.  More and more patients are now seen in a Primary Care setting, at clinics based in their own community which can improve accessibility, your choice and speed of care.

Continually assessing and improving the quality of the services and care provided is at the heart of NHS principles so to become an NHS partner requires the same commitment to service quality and regular assessments that this is being achieved.

To you the patient, this means that you can expect a superior level of service and have complete confidence in the quality of care you receive.


We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), have ISO 9001 quality standards,14001 environmental accreditation and maintain the NHS IGSoC (information Governance) standards.

To maintain the above accreditation we complete both internal and external audits of all our policies and processes.

‘The aim is to achieve improvement across all services through a process of audit and assessment, to implement change and  improve outcomes for patients’ Mr A Burnage, Director of Compliance.

Clinical Audit

Clinical audit is a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through a systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change. Aspects of the structure, processes, and outcomes of care are selected for review and where indicated, changes are implemented at an individual, team, or service level. Further monitoring is used to confirm improvement in the service delivery.

Every member of our clinical teams undergoes regular professional audit of reporting and imaging techniques to maintain clinical competencies and ensure consistency across all modalities. This is supported by peer review assessments and annual appraisals to ensure best practice.

Patient Feedback, complaint and compliment procedure

If we want to provide the best possible care it is important that we listen to our patients and their carers through the compliments and complaints we receive.

The views and experiences of patients, carers, the public, staff and other service users are taken into account in the planning and delivery of our service. Therefore we actively collect patient feedback using advanced patient survey system at the point of service which allow us to analyse data in real time and to act on any issues immediately.  Any complaints or incidents are logged, investigated and acted on with the information then used as a training tool and measure of service quality which is reported at all level of the organisation. We are proud to have to date a 97% satisfaction rate!

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Our staff

We only employ individuals who have attended all interview stages, provided verification of identity in accordance with the NHS Employment Checks Standards, had a full and complete DBS check, provided adequate references and provided proof of qualification.  Our clinical staff undergo a clinical assessment as part of their recruitment process before a position is offered.

Our management team include experienced healthcare professionals and corporate professionals providing knowledge and understanding to assist with service development and maintain service quality.


Whether it is medical equipment or information systems, we continually re-invest in cutting edge technology to maintain, develop and enhance our services. Technological changes enable us to find faster, more accessible solutions to service delivery – our imaging reports can be available to the patients GP within minutes of the appointment.

Our information systems utilise high end security elements which comply with NHS information governance protocols (IGSoC) to ensure the safety of sensitive data. The data we record, use and save is only that required to provide the best ongoing patient care possible.