Medical personnel with patientDiagnostic Healthcare is an established NHS partner providing direct access diagnostic imaging with extensive experience of delivering a variety of services to NHS Trust Hospitals and local Clinical Commissioning Groups. Under the NHS direct access contracts, we have established over 90 community clinics with more than 140,000 patients appointments made each year.

The Service you can expect:

From receipt of your referral from your doctor, through your appointment to delivery of the final report we aim to provide you with the very best in clinical care. Meeting contractual targets for patient waiting times and report delivery is achieved through the use of innovative IT and clinical technology to support a motivated and multi-skilled clinical team. Multiple locations in every area give you greater choice, easier access to a clinic and reduce your waiting time.

Patient Care

Providing the best patient care possible is our number one priority – we are patient focused. Our purpose is to deliver diagnostic imaging services and provide the highest standard of care to patients.

We believe in the values of the NHS Constitution which underpin our services:

  • Respect and dignity
  • Commitment to the quality of care
  • Compassion
  • Improving lives
  • Working together for patients
  • Everyone counts.

The patient experience is our priority and we understand the impact our service can have on individual outcomes and the care pathway. By working in partnership with other providers, NHS clinicians and commissioners and listening to patients, we work towards the common purpose of improving our service and the patient experience.

Comments and feedback from patients about our services is always welcome and we use the information from our patient surveys as a measure of service quality.

Our current patient satisfaction is 97% and we continuously working on improving our services.

Patient Survey

Your satisfaction with our service, at Healthscreening NOW (part of the DHC Group), is important to us. Please help us to improve our services by completing the following questionnaire –

Patient survey questionnaire