Our Values

Our Vision

‘To provide first class diagnostic imaging that exceeds our service commitments and customer expectations. To put the patient first, to understand the benefits our efforts make to patients’ lives and the responsibility we have for their care and recovery. To provide the resources to support every member of our team to provide healthcare that makes a difference.’


The face of healthcare changes constantly and an increasing population puts huge pressures on the NHS to continue delivering services that are accessible, embrace modern technology, techniques, medicines and remain ‘free’ at the point of use. Partnerships with private providers like Diagnostic Healthcare have helped the NHS achieve these targets and change the way many services are now delivered.  More and more patients are now seen in a Primary Care setting, at clinics based in their own community which can improve accessibility, choice and speed of care.

Continually assessing and improving the quality of the services and care provided is at the heart of NHS principles so to become an NHS partner requires the same commitment to quality and recognition that this is being achieved.