New state of the art mobile MRI scanner makes imaging easy for medical practitioners

The next generation in medical imaging equipment available for MRI scanning on mobiles is the wide bore scanner. Diagnostic Healthcare Ltd will present the first Siemens MAGNETOM Aera 70 cm on a mobile facility at the UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress (UKRCO) to be held in Liverpool on 2nd-4th July 2018.

The MAGNETOM Aera makes MRI exams easier and more comfortable than ever before. The roominess of the 70 cm Open Bore accommodates a large variety of patient sizes, shapes, and conditions. The super-short magnet allows many studies to be completed with the patient’s head at the periphery, or outside, the bore. This helps claustrophobic patients to undergo the exams and reduces sedation rates. The scanner can accommodate a full patient range including paediatric, critically ill, obese, and kyphotic to name a few.

So far, this advanced scanner has only been available in main hospital departments as a static scanner. This technology is now available on a mobile scanner which can provide the same advanced service in any area of the UK, helping to support rural areas and community settings.

Key Features include:

Tim 4G flexibility.

  • Tim DirectConnect® cableless coils and Tim SlideConnect® coils are easier and faster to handle. They are ultra-lightweight so more comfortable for the patient too.
  • Select exams, not coils, for superb coverage of the patient’s anatomy. Tim 4G’s lightweight coils can be seamlessly integrated to support large anatomic coverage, for instance combining head, neck, body and spine coil elements to create a neurovascular array.

The Tim Table accelerates patient set-up, with a 250 kg / 550 lb weight limit, for all functionality, to accommodate more patients.

Diagnostic Healthcare’s Chief Executive, Mrs L Karni, said: “The Siemens MAGNETOM Aera’s wide bore not only provides a larger opening thereby reducing anxiety and stress often experienced by patients when they arrive for an MRI scan, but it also produces high definition and high quality images.   If you add the fact that the whole unit is mobile and can go to wherever the patient is, then you have a system that is also highly flexible and easy to use.”

Siemens Healthineers’ MR Business Manager, Alistair Piggot, said: “We are delighted to be working with Diagnostic Healthcare in delivering the UK’s first MAGNETOM Aera mobile.  This revolutionary system has the ability to increase productivity by as much as 50% thereby alleviating the growing waiting times whilst satisfying both patient and clinician needs. By providing the same level of equipment on a mobile setting as the one which is often offered in the radiology department, the extra capacity can be provided seamlessly using the same protocols and achieving the same high standards as if the scans were produced on the static scanner.”

The Siemens MAGNETOM Aera’s wide bore Mobile MRI Unit was purchased from Siemens Healthineers at a cost of over £1million and represents a significant investment to help bringing the latest technology to remote areas.  The new system is a valuable addition to Diagnostic Healthcare’s wide range of technologically advanced systems all of which are available to the NHS, private medical insurers and the private sector across the UK. This gives hospitals the option to access the scanner when capacity is stretched or not available in the area.





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