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Frequently Asked Questions

Ultrasound Scan FAQ

How long does Ultrasound scan take?

The scan may take between 10 and 45 minutes, during which time you may be asked to change position to allow the area to be examined from different angles.

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What will I feel during the Ultrasound scan?

Ultrasound scans are a simple examination; they are non-invasive and are not painful. There may be varying degrees of discomfort from pressure as the transducer is pressed against the area being examined.

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Are there any risks from the Ultrasound scan?

For standard diagnostic ultrasound there are no known harmful effects on humans.

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What does the equipment look like?

The Ultrasound scanner consists of a console (computer), a video display screen and a transducer (probe) that is used to scan the body.

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How and when will I receive the Ultrasound scan / test results?

The scan / test results will be sent by post to your home address or your GP or consultant, within 48 hours of the examination.

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