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MRI extra capacity work

The demand for diagnostic services is growing rapidly particularly for “MRI extra capacity work” because of new technologies and accessibility of additional diagnostic services. Frequently NHS Trusts do not have the funds, expertise or human resources to address these requirements and Diagnostic Healthcare has a tailored programme that works in partnership with the NHS to cover this demand. We already deliver “MRI extra capacity work” in Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool areas and have the MR fleet to deliver at additional NHS sites.

We work with the NHS according to their needs and protocols. We know how to provide continuous service which is flexible based on sessional cover from one day to one month or longer. This provides Trust’s with continuous staffing and rota support with extra capacity, holidays of their own staff or long sick cover as and when needed.

MRI extra capacity work is something that Diagnostic Healthcare has the MR fleet and manpower to deliver at short notice, for any length of cover needed in most locations. For more information please contact; info@dhc.uk.com