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Company Profile

Company Profile

Diagnostic Healthcare Limited is a Public Private Provider of diagnostic services, working with the NHS, Private Medical Insurers and the Private Sector.

The Royals Jn 3aDiagnostic Healthcare’s headquarters is in Manchester and we provide excellence in advanced diagnostic healthcare in the North West and the Midlands in the UK. We use state-of-the-art imaging solutions and provide MRI scans(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Ultrasounds and Sonography Services, Bone density scans (DEXA), Resting and Exercise ECGs, 24 hours ECG and Blood Pressure and Full Health Screening. Our diagnostic services are of the highest quality and reliability, have a fast turnaround and are reasonably priced. It is the expertise, high patient volume and high calibre, trained and experienced professional team which enables us to offer our customers quality, flexibility, high standards of patient care and cost effective services.

Our overall approach is driven by world class experience and expertise across the team, with the added value elements of innovation and efficiency. Our ethos emanates from a combination of high quality diagnostic services, professional personnel, high quality patient care and excellence in customer services (for patients and users) whilst at the same time, backed by flexible 24/7 capability and access to a network of telemedicine consultancy expertise.

Our company has the experience, infrastructure and capability of delivering diagnostic solutions in a variety of locations. We provide high quality modern efficient mobile services as well as having the capacity to locate within community, hospitals, GP surgeries or alternatively dedicated community accommodation for the delivery of excellent scanning or reporting services.

We value the patient experience and excel at providing a fast access service in order to further improve waiting times at all stages of the pathway. We have a culture of continuous service improvement and clinical excellence. We embrace all opportunities to improve day by day the already high quality service we offer.

We offer the most convenient, flexible and responsive care available. We are open morning and evening shifts, Monday to Saturday and results for many assessments can be supplied within 24 hours.

New head office address:

The Royals, 353 Altrincham Road, Manchester, M22 4BJ

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