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How do I make an Appointment?

Can I book a Health Screening (Health MOT) myself?

Yes – anyone who would like to have a Health Screening can book one. You can make an appointment at our Diagnostic Healthcare clinic in Manchester (Altrincham) by calling on 0161 929 5679. You can choose from a wide range of convenient appointment times, including weekends and evenings.
You will normally be offered an appointment within 5 days.

We always recommend that we keep your GP informed. With your agreement, we will send a copy of the test results from your Health Screening (Health MOT) to both you and your GP and we will highlight any significant findings and advise you to see your GP, if required.

At the end of the second appointment you will have an understanding of your health risks.
In addition, you will have a personal action plan giving recommendations on how to minimise your health risks for the future.

We will also discuss any appropriate lifestyle changes that could help lower your long-term risk of specific conditions.

Our professional team will be available for further discussion and can provide additional information at any time after your initial Health Screening.

Life is priceless, so have a peace of mind!